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Cyanimal uses a proprietary bacterial derived antigen delivery platform :

  • to increase the efficiency of already commercialized vaccines

  • to develop new prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for unmet needs dedicated to companion animals.

Cyanimal delivery system triggers an intracellular mechanism that specifically targets the cells involved in the induction of immunological response (Dentritic cells (DC)) generating a strong cellular and humoral responses.

Based on clinical trials (pets and humans) already performed, Cyanimal offers key technological benefits:

  • safe and secure (non-replicative)

  • specific to DCs (Denditric Cells, immune response oriented)

  • easy to produce and stable,

  • very well tolerated and

  • can be used in a prophylactic or therapeutic vaccine.

Based on its unique expertise in companion animal immunomonitoring and proprietary technology, Cyanimal offers to:

  • potentialize current commercialized vaccines

  • develop new prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines.

CyaCani, a new parenteral Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRD) vaccine candidate for dogs has been developed in collaboration with the ENVT (French National Veterinary College of Toulouse )

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