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Financial investment opportunity


Cyanimal is a vaccine company operating on a $10 billions growing pet market. Cyanimal is uniquely positioned to offer safe, efficient and easy to use  companion animals vaccines and providing veterinarians with innovative new vaccines that have been designed specifically for companion animals well being.

Cyanimal strategy is to leverage the know how of its scientific partners to accelerate the development of innovative vaccines designed specifically for companion animals. Cyanimal commitment is to co-develop new vaccines and to identify current commercial vaccines for companion animals which Cyanimal can further potentialize,  in a time-efficient manner,  to deliver a new safety and  easy to use vaccines.

Cyanimal is building a strong track record of excellence through a proprietary strong patent portfolio, a focused clinical execution for cyanimal development programs and  the establishment of value-driving licensing agreements with leading Animal Health companies.

Our success will grounded in our passion and commitment to delivering new safe and efficient vaccines to veterinarians, and their clients.

Cyanimal offers a great opportunity for investors to support a synergistic team focused on executing clinical development plans, continuing to expand the pipeline of vaccine candidates, and increasing the development capabilities.

The first vaccine candidate is plan to be out licensing to a major Animal Health company around  2019.

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